The Art of being at it….

“Want it now!”

“Can’t wait anymore!”

“Why not now?”

“Gosh, this is taking so much time”

….cliched phrases of our “24*7” — “non-stop” evolving society. Isn't it?

Where are we heading? Why are we getting so impatient?

Why do we want everything done with just a click? Well, all these advancements certainly do have their own pros — but, what I'm trying to imply is something deeper — the art of being at whatever you’re doing —consistently. Let’s delve more into it…

Being consistent — as a life approach

How many times have we stopped our ongoing projects midway when we knew we just needed a nudge to get it to the finish line? Of course, there are things that are not worth pursuing and I’m not talking about them. I'm referring to the things worth pursuing and following up with.

That book that you’ve left midway, that cleaning spree that you thought was taking a lot of time, that new course that you took online, that new year resolution that you thought was too much to aim for….strikes a chord?

Why do we leave things mid-way when we know it’s all going to be worth it in the end? I think it’s because we take the present just as a means to an end — the ultimate goal. Imagine you struggled to get to this point in life thinking you’d be happy. But, are you happy or at peace? No, cause you still have a hundred things in mind to accomplish to reach another future which of course is not going to bring you any peace — the loop is endless.

Do you know what's wrong? The approach!

Life’s milestones are not the means to happiness. But, every life moment is a means to happiness!”

Why does Consistency bring Happiness?

Now, think about it — you do things and keep at them for a longer goal. But, in the shorter time frame, you show up every day. Why does it bring you more happiness? Because you take each day at a time. When we live life to make every next moment the best, life automatically flourished into bliss.

This doesn’t mean you won't’ come across situations that you won’t prefer. Life is meant to be that way — a path with unexpected turns and ups and downs. But, that’s what makes it interesting! If you can learn to be consistent irrespective of the weather, the mood, or the scenario — you not only build trust in yourself but also enjoy life in every moment. So, your consistency brings peace each day, and in the longer term, you don’t even realize that you’ve achieved the goal already.

The gist lies in showing up each day — for the love of that day…

The Choice to Live for the Day

Once we choose to live for the day — trying our best to make the day the best possible, something sparks up. We don’t look at the far-sighted goal but look at the nearby happiness that we can achieve by just showing up for that particular day.

The idea is to be unattached to the goal and enjoy the small steps to get to it. And without realizing it, life will give you a surprise — you’ll be there and you’d think — “But, I just blinked”. :)

Make the best out of the present moment, and the rest will follow….




Inquisitive soul, contemplating life.

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Nitika Rawat

Nitika Rawat

Inquisitive soul, contemplating life.

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